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The Chocolate Carol
Music by David Avshalomov

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The first time we heard Mr. Avshalomov's The Chocolate Carol, our reaction was unanimous! Each one of us had the exact same thought - This thing was gonna take off, and we needed to make a movie out of it before someone else did. So just like that, Pins and Noodles Productions dropped everything and started work on bringing The Chocolate Carol to life.

First we had to get permission from the composer to use his work, but, far from being the stuffy classical composer we expected, Mr. Avshalomov was quite warm and friendly! He seemed genuinely interested in seeing his carol transformed and brought to the masses, after all (as he put it), "This song is about the Joy of Chocolate, it's meant to be enjoyed!"

Now that we had secured The Chocolate Carol for our use and had the composer onboard, it was time to get to work. Buried in our dark cavern of a production room for days, reading books on chocolate, and eating only chocolate for inspiration, we edited single-mindedly. You wouldn't think a grown man could overdose on chocolate in as little as 3 days, but let's just say that some of our team members may never look at a Hershey's bar the same way again.

When we emerged again into the light of day, the film was complete, and The Chocolate Carol was ready for it's public. After a quick screening for the composer (David gave his approval between bouts of laughter), we checked it one last time for errors, uploaded it, and the rest is history.

Personally, I find it really fulfilling to see the kind of laugh people get when watching this movie. It's a bit of a different direction from the cheap potty humor and slapstick comedy, which are our staple. Could we be changed men? Could Pins and Noodles Productions move forward to a new higher level of comedy? Only time will tell...

(And thanks again to composer David Avshalomov, for his cooperation and sense of humor.)

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